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Everything You See is Me


una delicia este oscuro y desconocido albun, fina fusion y grandes voces para temas envolventes y calidos.completa ediidion conteniendo el grueso encarte interior It is only natural that the phenomenal life of modern man has become less and less connected to any certain or absolute reality, as the concept of some predominating authority or governor becomes more and more dim memory of less enlightened times. Technological wizardry and it alternatives have outmoded the primal cause, the Supreme Creator and the eternal Father, and left us is a disconnected state of mind with nothing to show for our efforts but some rocks and dust from the moon, TV watches that click, buzz, and beep, and more effective contraceptives for your dog. The end result is a world view in which things just don't connect and where all phenomena occur in a seemingly haphazard, random fashion. But as soon as we introduce the concept of the universal guide, who is the source and essence of the cosmic manifestation, order is immediately invoked. Where there was chaos, form becomes manifest. Where there was apparently no cause, there is unlimited intelligence. Where there was emptiness, there is fullness. That guide, or creator, is called Krsna, and He explains hat "Everything you see is Me." This is called God consciousness, and in such a state of mind the whole creation becomes a jubilant chorus celebrating the excellences of the Supreme Person in His representations as the sun, moon, and stars decorating the heavens. The searcher who comes to this ultimate awareness sees everything as a reflection of the opulence of the Supreme. Therefore, he not only glorifies God through His holy name, but also serves Him, by offering everything available for God's pleasure. We are all walking around in some dream world, thinking it all to be eternal--yet being constantly frustrated by the temporality of it all. Just as one is called from a dream when he hears the sound of his name, so also we can be brought back to eternal reality by the chanting of the Lord's holy name. If you experience the fullness of transcendental sound and relish it within your heart, then very soon, genuine spiritual vision will become yours and you will see the Lord within every aspect of His creation.