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1º LP !! Hippy Rural Rock Psych, ORG EDIT USA !!

DESDE CALIFORNIA TODA UNA OSCURA JOYA EDITADA EN LOS FINALES DE LOS 60 PARA EL PRESTIGIOSO SELLO ELEKTRA RECORDS , CON Dave Ray Y Will Donicht.. CONTIENE DELICIOSOS TEMAS CON BONITOS ARREGLOS ENTRE EL FOLK,psych JAZZ COUNTRY ROCK... Elektra was one of the most "adventurous" record labels in the late 1960s, and in addition to famous artists like Love, the Doors, Tim Buckley, and Bread, Elektra released their fair share of obscure records, too. Some of these Elektra obscurities, like Clear Light's self-titled album and the Zodiac's COSMIC SOUNDS, have been rediscovered, but others remain largely unknown. Such is the case with Bamboo. Bamboo's style is hard to pin down: there are elements of jazz, folk, and country here. They remind me somewhat of early Neil Young or the obscure duo Euphoria (of A GIFT FROM EUPHORIA fame).