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Marshmallow Way

Bubblegum, Rare Psych Rock !!

SE TRATA DE LA EDICON ORIGAL USA Y SE ENCUENTRA DESPUES DE mas de 45 AÑOS. MUY BUEN ALBUN Y FORMACION QUE NOS RECUERDA A 1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY Bubblegum/Power Pop lp from 1969, with some great tracks; some people absolutely love this album, as it's such cheerful music-basically somewhere between Teen Idol 1960's pop, and more serious psychedelic or garage band efforts. They sound like a less silly version of ‘1910 Fruitgum Company,' with plenty of catchy pop hooks and melodies that are often described as sublime The arrangements are colorful, utilizing organ, marimba, and some guitar effects Highlights include the romantic ‘Give and take', the pleasant ‘Music' and fun catchy numbers like ‘Keep my fingers crossed' and ‘Sugar and Spices' The band was reputedly from New Jersey, and were related to St Anthony's Fyre.