...existencias limitadas...!!!Book Description (en ingles)About this title: Brown, a close friend of the band, looks at the four lads from Liverpool who became the music phenomenon of the 20th century. Written with the cooperation of the group's members, this book goes beyond the glitter to tell the inside story of the music, the marriages, the drugs, disagreements, and divorces. photosEditorial Reviews
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Nearly two decades after its initial publication, this behind-the-scenes tale reappears in paperback (after all, didn't Rolling Stone say it would "sell forever"?). One of the suit men--as the Beatles dismissively, often with good reason, called the folk who saw to their business affairs--recreates the well-known saga of Beatlemania but does it dispassionately enough to make it interesting. Brown, who directed the Beatles management firm NEMS and later their disastrous financial organization Apple, seems to have survived the experience unscathed, the purges, rancor, glamour, notoriety, the dishonesty, jealousy and infighting among all those who wanted a piece of the action, or a bigger cut, which eventually came to include the musicians themselves as the group began to split apart. While seeming to be objective, he leaves little doubt about his preferences as he discusses the Beatles individually, their parents and in-laws, wives and lovers, probing the personalities to show us the underside of the pop culture with its sleazy pursuit of the big buck. There are revelations about John and Yoko and about their drug addiction, but the material is otherwise pretty familiar. Still, it's a dramatically good story and Brown catches us with the headiness of it all--and Gaines's now well-known name and a new foreword by rock critic Anthony DeCurtis may spark a little extra interest.
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The best backstage memoir yet of the most amazing musical phenomenon of our times. Table Of Contents
Foreword xi Introduction xix  Chapter One 1(27) Cynthia Lennon's Rude Awakening  Romance Blooms in Liverpool  John Lennon's Childhood: Double Desertion  Aunt Mimi and Mendips  The Skiffle Craze  John Meets Paul McCartney  Paul as a Young Boy  Chapter Two 28(22) The Scene at the ``Jac''  Stu Sutcliffe  Baby George Harrison Joins the Beat Scene  Johnny and the Moondogs on the Circuit  Hamburg, a Sexual Disneyland  Johnny and the Moondogs Become the Beatles  Return to Liverpool and a New Professionalism  Chatper Three 50(26) Brian Epstein: A Stranger in a Strange Land  Brian Discovers the Beatles  Brian Smitten  Under New Management: The Big Image Change  The Recording Contract  Cynthia's Desperate Play  John Marries Cynthia  Chapter Four 76(17) Pete Best Forever---Ringo Never  Richard Starkey's Bit Part  ``From Me to You''  The NEMS Stable Begins  Julian Lennon Is Born  Brian and John Tryst in Spain  Paul Meets Jane Asher  Ringo Meets Maureen Cox  Chatper Five 93(11) London: Sunday Night at the Palladium and the Royal Command Performance  Brian to New York  The Beatles and Company Move to London  Chapter Six 104(15) An American Beachhead: The Ed Sullivan Show  The Seltaeb Fiasco  Chapter Seven 119(16) Swinging London  A Hard Day's Night  George Meets Pattie Boyd  John In His Own Write  Brian's Cellarful of Noise  Paul's Pocketful of Lawsuits  Chapter Eight 135(16) The Bon Voyage Party  First American Assault  Bob Dylan and the Great Turn-On  Nat Weiss  Brian Blows a Fuse  Chapter Nine 151(18) Kenwood  Ringo Becomes a Daddy  Help! and the Great Tax Dodge  Have a Sugar Cube  NEMS Branches Out  The Saville Theater  Brian's Discontent: Enter Dizz  The Beatles at the Palace  Chapter Ten 169(12) Aunt Mimi Gets a House  The Second American Tour  The L.A. Acid Trip  Dizz Gets a Car  Chapter Eleven 181(20) Splitting Up the Pie  From Black and White to Color: Rubber Soul and Revolver  Tokyo and Manila: Terror on the Road  Brian's Balance Tips  The ``Bigger than Jesus'' Scandal  The Beatles' Third American National Tour  Dizz Gillespie's Coup de Grace  Chapter Twelve 201(18) The Four-headed Hydra  John's Discontent  On the Loose in London  Magic Alex  John Meets Yoko Ono  Brian's Downhill Slide  The Stigwood Deal  Chapter Thirteen 219(32) Paul Discovers America  Brian's Sleepless Sleepcure  Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  The Arrival of Linda Eastman  The Kingsley Hill Acid Party  The Haight-Ashbury Hate Trip  The Beatles Go Greek  The Beatles Go India: Introducing the Maharishi  The Final Demise of Brian Epstein  Chapter Fourteen 251(19) The Magical Mystery Tour  The Seeds of Apple  From Here to the Himalayas: The Untold Story of Rishikesh  Escape from India  John's Confession D'Amour  Chapter Fifteen 270(21) Yoko in the Limelight  A Messy Divorce  John and Yoko Retreat: The Heroin Days  Paul McCartney's Black and White Minstrel Show  Jane Asher Makes a Nasty Discovery  The Apple Pie: A Piece for Everyone  The White Album  Chapter Sixteen 291(10) Targets of the People: John and Yoko on the Cross  Two Virgins  Won't You Please Let It Be  Chapter Seventeen 301(24) Eastman and Eastman Meet the Beatles  Allen Klein Meets the Beatles and Eastman and Eastman  The NEMS Battle  The Setup of Pattie and George  John and Yoko's Quickie Wedding  Peace: The Amsterdam Bed-in  A Call to Arms: The Northern Songs Battle  The Only Winner Is Klein  Chapter Eighteen 325(28) The Power of Publicity: John and Yoko Go Public  ``Cold Turkey''  Toronto Rock and Roll Festival  John Off the Edge  In Pursuit of Peace and Kyoko in Denmark  John Discovers Dr. Janov  John and Yoko Discover L.A.  Paul Is Dead but Alive and Well in Scotland  McCartney, Abbey Road and Let It Be  And in the End  Chapter Nineteen 353(22) George, Ringo, and Paul---From Then Till Now  Chapter Twenty 375(21) The Search for Kyoko  John and Yoko Discover New York  John and the White House Follies  Uncle Sam Wants You Out  Paranoia Runs Deep  The L.A. Lost Weekend: 18 Months in Hell  Together Again  Chapter Twenty-One 396(11) The Househusband Years: John as a Father  The Dakota Hermitage  The Big Comeback: Starting Over  Mark David Chapman  The Spirit of Yoko Ono Index 407  SynopsisA close friend and business manager for the legendary group portrays the personal lives of the members of the Beatles, from their youth in Liverpool to their rise to success in the world of pop music to the death of John Lennon in 1980. Reprint.





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